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Shortly after the death of Edgar Tinel (28/10/1912), a committee was set up and funds were raised for the creation of a funerary monument.
n addition, people soon began to collect all kinds of memorabilia that would form the basis for the Tinel Museum.
The committee set itself the goal of keeping memories about Tinel alive: performing his music and preserving memories of him in the Tinel Museum. The municipal and spiritual authorities, together with some teachers, formed the committee.
It was mainly the latter group that took the lead. We especially mention Karel Verschelden, Jozef Verschelden and Marcel De Vos. And there was support from the entire municipality.
Numerous musical evenings and lectures were organized in the mid-1920s. The inauguration of the funerary monument was a highlight on 2 August 1931 during the Tinel Festival. In the meantime, a sufficient number of materials had been collected to open a "museum". Documents and memories were displayed on tables - usually on the first floor of what was then the town hall. After the festivities everything was shelved again until the next time.
In 1963, two rooms on the ground floor of Tinel's birthplace became available and the collection could be exhibited there permanently. In 1976 (the merger of the municipalities was imminent) the Tinel Committee was given a legal status: it became Tinelmuseum vzw. The committee now includes members of the Tinel family as well as residents of Sinaai from the cultural sector and children of the members of the previous generation.
After a long and winding road filled with obstacles, the current museum was inaugurated on Saturday 17 October 1992 on the first floor of Tinel's house of birth.
The committee also published a Tinel-newspaper from 1987 to 2013.
With an annual minimum contribution of 5 euros, one can become a member of the Tinelmuseum.
You will then receive the newsletter by mail or email.
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Edgar Tinelmuseum van Sinaai VZW
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Samenstelling comité

Ms. Nelly MaesChairman
Ms. Daniëlle De MeulenaerVice-chairman
Mr. Bert D’HaeseLogistics employee
Ms. Rita GeerinckLogistics employee
Mr. Marc LaceurSecretary, treasurer and webmaster
Ms. Marijke BollaertLogistics employee
Mr. Jan MeganckCurator and museumguide
Ms. Maria NyikaLogistics employee
Mr. Aubert Tinellogistics employee
Mr. Dirk VermeirenProgrammer