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The Tinel Museum in Sinaai has numerous archive items. One of the museum's objectives is to promote the life and work of the composer Edgar Tinel. In the museum you will find a number of documents and archival items on display. However, a large number of items are in the archive and are not accessible. It is the intention of this website that these items can be consulted online. To that extend, the documents were scanned and you can consult them here. You can download the inventory and view it offline. It is listed under INV001. For further information you can always contact us. contact. Have fun browsing!

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Shortly after the death of Edgar Tinel (28/10/1912), a committee was set up and funds were raised for the creation of a funerary monument. n addition, people soon began to collect all kinds of memorabilia that would form the basis for the Tinel Museum. The committee set itself the goal of keeping memories about Tinel alive: performing his music and preserving memories of him in the Tinel Museum. The municipal and spiritual authorities, together with some teachers, formed the committee.

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